This tool renders an astrology chart wheel. It uses the API provided by PlanetWatcher. Please support PlanetWatcher by buying a calendar.

There is no way to save the image to your hard drive - best option is to take a screenshot.

None of these fields are required. If you just hit "submit," you'll get a chart for this moment.

date (Use natural language, more info here. For example, "March 5, 1970 4:52pm EST" is valid.)

name (defaults to "Transits")

size (pixels, defaults to about 600 - just enter a single numerical value)

asc (degree of ascendant, defaults to 0 Aries. If you want 0 Virgo, value is 150.)

planets (comma-delimited, no spaces! -- defaults to 10 planets, node, chiron)
if you want just uranus and pluto, enter uranus,pluto

highlight (highlight planets, same comma-delimited format as above, defaults to none)

If you like this, try my WordPress plugin. It does not currently support exclusion or highlighting of planets.