This app lets you send an SMS or iMessage on your iPhone or iPad, using Launch Center Pro, via Pushbullet. The ideal use case for this is if you are at a desktop computer that is not connected to your iCloud account and you want to message someone without having to type it into your iPhone.

You must of course set up an account at Pushbullet and install the iOS app to make this work. You must also have Launch Center Pro installed on your iOS device.

To send a message to your phone from this web app, you will need to get your Pushbullet Access Token, which you can get here. Paste it into the form below. Once you submit, the token will be saved in your web browser's memory. (It is not shared with any server other than Pushbullet's.) You may optionally enter a device ID. If you don't, a push notification will be sent to all your devices. You can get your device IDs here.

Just enter the phone number (or email address associated with an iCloud account) and click on "open link" in the Pushbullet app to send your message.



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