This script exports a Paperless list. If an item has a note, it shows up, tab-delimited, below the item. If an item does not have a note, it is followed by the next item. This script does not export completed items.

This script is purely an exercise in javascript. Of course, the easiest way to export a Paperless list is just to email it to yourself from within the app and copy the list into a text file. But this works, too!

How It Works

You will need to go into your Dropbox/Paperless folder and make shareable the xml file associated with the list you want to export. Take the URL you find in the browser, enter it in the input field, and hit the Export button. Your exported list will show up in the box below.

Both your Dropbox URL and your list stay within the confines of this page, they are not uploaded to any server.