List of Bands

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Import or Export Your Data

Your list of bands is stored in a format called JSON in your browser's memory. You can export it (you own your data!) and even import it into a different browser. Note that if you import JSON, it will override whatever is currently stored in that browser.



Back Up Your Data to the Cloud

If you use this app in more than one browser -- or you just want to have some peace of mind knowing that your data is saved somewhere other than on your computer -- you can save it to Note that this service is in BETA, and there is no guarantee that this (and hence your data) will remain online.

The first time you want to save your data, hit the "Save" button below. Note down the alphanumeric ID (for example, abc12) at the end of the reply.

When you want to save changes to your data, enter the ID in the form below, and click on "Save Update." If you want to restore your data from the cloud to your browser (for example, if you are working in a different browser), enter your ID in the form and click on "Get Data." This will overwrite whatever data is currently stored in your browser.